While we’re closed for Covid social distancing …

Major renovations are happening at Hoops! These improvements were already planned, but now they’re happening while we’re closed for the Coronavirus social distancing precautions.

NEW GLASS WALL … we’re tearing down the wall between the dance area and the outdoor patio to install a telescoping glass door so that the interior of Hoops will be opened up to the great music events outside all summer/fall.

OUTDOOR BAR … to better accommodate customers seated outdoors we’re putting in a full bar on the patio!

ADDITIONAL SHADING … To better protect guests from the hot summer sun we’re installing additional shading with seasonal awnings over the seating areas.

NEW KITCHEN FLOORING … bright and clean and uplifting improvement to our food prep areas.

When the social distancing period is past, we’ll be ready for a whole new HOOPS experience!