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Englewood Heights – Rock, Blues, Pop, Country @ Hoops

Join us for an evening of live Rock, Blues, Pop, and Country music on the patio @HoopsYakima performed by Englewood Heights on Saturday, July 15th from 7:00-10:00pm.

Englewood Heights is well known for playing a multitude of music genres. Each band member has a unique and diverse musical background and when brought together they bring out the best of Modern & Classic Rock, Pop, a little Blues, and a bit of Country from today’s music and go back in time through the decades with popular hits.

Founded by Jerry Gillespie (Lead Guitar) who is joined by the amazing vocal talents of Nicole Nelson (Season 7 Voice Contestant), Rick Donaldson an extraordinary Percussionist, Tim Temple for his awesome guitar work and vocals, Razz bringing in those smooth Bass lines, and Barb Lanier who is fantastic on the keys.

Meet the Band members:
Nicole Nelson – Lead Vocals
Jerry Gillespie – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Tim Temple – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Barb Lanier – Keyboard and Synth.
Razz – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Rick Donaldson – Drums & Percussion

Learn about the band and their music on Facebook

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